Te power that made the body heals the body;
a simple but simultaneously complex philosophy. A philosophy which Chiropractic and TOTAL Life Chiro- practic is based on. While many of us understand that healing comes from within, there are some who still believe that the body heals from outside forces such as the application of physio-therapy, drugs (pushed or prescribed), lotions or potions. Some believe you must use Neosporin or a special band-aid to heal faster and better, others, it’s the sting of certain bees or the bites of certain snakes. Some will use a poultice or even marijuana whether THC or CBD. When we say the body is self-healing and self- regulating, we imply that there is a master system that controls, co-ordinates and maintains the body in balance known as homeostasis. This term “homeostasis” is a phenomenon of balance, self– preservation and the ability to thrive, which is mediated through the nervous system. It is the mental impulse which travels from the brain to the body and body back to the brain which allows for the communication needed to allow the body to thrive; heal, repair, digest, fight off infection and disease and regenerate. Yes, regenerate. Have you ever notice some people age faster? Their bodies may have lost the ability to regenerate effectively.

It is the innate life force within ALL living things that facilitates all functions. Think about it, if drugs or lotions could heal a wound or help with regeneration, then you can simply put it on a steak and wait for it to turn into a cow.
It is only that life force that allows us to thrive. Some cultures call it Chi, some call it Qi. We in Chiropractic call it innate intelligence. When we provide our body with a proper diet, mental attitude, rest and exercise, our innate intelligence can communicate and keep our bodies organized and functioning well.

Survival of the fittest.
Think of the antelope running in the Serengeti. Which one falls prey to the lion? The healthy one at the head of the pack? No, of course not. Imagine an animal in the wild; If they were to cut their paw, they wouldn’t run to the local pharmacy to purchase bactine or an ointment to apply to its wound, they have an innate intelligence, which if allowed to express itself fully, would initiate the process in which the animal would lick its wound allowing the antibodies in their saliva to disinfect. It would rest, and maybe even fast allowing for innate intelligence to heal and regenerate nature intended. Well this is not just for animals.

How does all this occur?

Through its ability to communicate with the body, the brain, the center of life, detects the need. The mental impulse is then created and transmitted through the most important cable in our body, the spinal cord. From there it is transmitted through a network of wiring called nerves, which carry information to every cell, tissue, organ and gland in our body supplying the spark of life. Not coincidently, it is this same network of nerves that carry information from our internal and external environment back up to our brain, keeping us connected. Have you ever heard of the “mind/body connection”? It’s also technically known as the “neural loop”. It is your nervous system, this neural loop, that is the connection between the mind and the body.

So what’s the point?

The point is that if your nervous system is free of interference and is allowed to function optimally, your body can function optimally expressing its fullest potential!

So what’s the problem?

As a result of our modern stressful lifestyle our spines and nervous systems fall under attack. We develop something called Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), a vertebra that is misaligned or malfunctioning causing interference or disruption of normal nerve flow between the brain and body, known as the safety pin cycle or neural loop.

A subluxation has five components,

1. Kinesiopathology; vertebra out of alignment and or malfunctioning, with or without pain.

2 Neuropathophysiology; too much or too little nerve transmissions from the brain to the organ, tissues and cells of the body and back.

3. Myopathology; these misaligned vertebra cause either too much or too little nerve flow into the surrounding muscles.

4. Histopathology; inflamatory changes begin to break down the tissues both local at the spine (vertebra, disks, ligaments) and distal, wherever the nerves travel to.

5. Pathophysiology; the degeneration and destruction within the spine and the organs, tissues, glands, muscles etc fed by the subluxated nerves.

Why haven’t you heard this before?

Well, It may be because you’ve never seen a chiropractor before or if you have, you haven’t seen one who makes educating his patients and improving their overall wellbeing a priority. Two types of chiropractors, Traditional and Non

Traditional :
• The best way to describe this is to tell you what Traditional chiros are not.
• We are not physical therapist. They do their thing we do ours. We are completely different professions.
• We are not nutritionist yet we will give advice on supplements and diet to improve overall health and hold your adjustments better.
• We are not exercise therapist. We will provide you with specific exercises to help strengthen and hold your adjustments better.
• We are not acupuncturist.
• We are not herbologist.

So, what EXACTLY are we all and what is our goal?

We ARE the only licensed physicians trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxations. By correcting the subluxation’s and removing nerve interference we, (traditional chiropractors) help the body heal and regenerate from above down inside out by improving nerve function will and moving you “to the head of the pack”.

How do we accomplish this?

We must first precisely find the subluxation.
We use safe, digital X-rays to analyze and locate the subluxation’s and make sure that your spine can be safely adjusted. We do X-rays because we don’t guess with your health. We then perform digital neurologic testing so that we may see the devastating effects that subluxations have on the nervous system including:
• Surface electromyography,
• Surface infrared thermography,
• Heart rate variability

Finally we perform a Chiropractic examination to reveal the deteriorating affects the chronic subluxations may have had on the body.
All this information is then studied and a determination is made.

If we can help you, will tell you. If we cannot we will not waste your time or money.

So, what do YOU want?

The choice is yours.
Get cracked and get some pain relief Or get a very specific spinal adjustment which will not only relieve your pain but optimize your nervous system allowing you to reverse the effects a premature aging and allow your body to function at its best; pain free with optimal energy and life.

Remember if drugs made a person healthy the person taking the most drugs would be the healthiest