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Top 10 Reasons NOT to Visit a Chiropractor


1. Their primary goal is to detect and correct the subluxations – Chiropractic is the only health discipline dedicated to the correction of vertebral subluxation. We are not physical therapists, we already have physical therapists. We are not acupuncturist, we already have acupuncturist. We are not massage therapist, we already have those who specialize in this. I think you get the point. Our specialty is finding subluxations, those misaligned vertebra that interfere with nerve flow and cause dis-ease, the state of disharmony in the body which leads to illness and eventually symptoms.

2. They X-ray – “How dare they” To see is to know and guessing with somebody’s health is never, ever a good idea. We have to be able to see the subluxations. Using safe, low dose digital x-ray analysis allows us to see and evaluate the spine without guessing. Now that we can clearly see where the specific subluxations is, we can deliver a specific adjustment to correct it.

3. They perform diagnostic test – “Ridiculous” Painless state of the arts diagnostic test such as surface EMG, infrared thermography, heart rate variability are some of the tests performed to evaluate the presence of subluxations and the presence of any complicating factors, arthritis Et cetera

4. They base your progress on your health status and function, not merely your symptoms – “Absurd” Chiropractic success is more than just relieving your symptoms, its about improving your overall health, vitality and ability to function at your best. Merely getting rid of your pain and sending you home waiting for it to just return again is not what true traditional chiropractic is all about.

5. They re-exam and re-xray – To determine if a patient is actually improving, periodic re-exams, including x-rays when necessary help to determine if your problem is actually being corrected. Removing symptoms, and leaving the underlying problem shouldn’t make any sense to you or your chiropractor. “The nerve of these people.”

6. They concern themselves with lifestyle changes – “Why is my lifestyle their business” A chiropractor should not only adjust your spine, but should also give you the proper advice so that you can make the necessary lifestyle changes that would enhance your care. Lifestyle advice should include: dietary changes, recommendations for proper rest, exercise, mental attitude and even spirituality.

7. They talk to you about how chiropractic can impact the devastating effects of stress – “Stress, what does stress have to do with any of this?” Knowingly or unknowingly stress affects everyone, and while we cannot remove stress from our lives, we can certainly change our response to it. Mentally and how we perceive and react to it, and physically through the adjustment which downregulates stress hormones.

8. They are more concerned about your health than your insurance – “Really?” With or without insurance we take care of our patients, not their pocket books, and if special circumstances avail themselves we will do everything we can to help. Just talk to us.

9. They make educating their patients a priority- “Again, how dare they?” Workshops, newsletters and daily interactions should all have an educating value so that the patient can make informed choices on improving their health.

10 They Truly Care- “About what” An acronym that we like to use is LSMFT, which stands for Loving Service My First Technique. The other motto we like to live by is that, “our compassion to serve must be greater than our compulsion to survive.”

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