Hello, my name is Hana.

How can I make this a Fantastic day for You? I will be taking you through our office tour.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

On the left is where our certified massage therapists provide many types of massage. Further down the hallway and to your right are our adjusting rooms where safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic care is given so you can function as God intended.

We provide the most up to date technology which includes X-rays (on premise), surface EMG and infrared thermography, not including our neurological orthopedic chiropractic examination to show us the structure and function of your nervous system. This will help us provide you a tailored program so you can reach your healthcare goals.

We also provide physiotherapy, acupuncture, and exercise programs for our patients to speed up the healing process and hold their adjustments. Our office also provides special healthcare workshops at no charge to you so you can live a TLC FANTASIC life!

Thank you for coming on our tour and we look forward to helping you reach your healthcare goals.

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!

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