As a Result of Slips, Falls, Tumbles, Accidents, Work Stress or Even the Yanking, Twisting and Torquing of the Birth Process Itself…
We Need Our Spines Checked Regularly!

The upper cervical subluxation is a condition in which the Atlas (C1) or (C2) Axis misalign and put damaging stress and tension on the spinal cord near the brain stem. This interferes in the normal transmission of mental impulses from the nervous system to the body and vice versa. The result is a state of dis-ease, where the body cannot function at its optimal capacity. Left unchecked over long periods of time, and various organs and organ systems cannot function at full capacity and adaptive physiology (disease) takes place.


Many times in life, vertebral subluxations are caused during the birth process itself. Typical normal hospital deliveries often involve excessive doctor intervention by way of yanking, twisting, or torquing the baby out of the birth canal, usually by the head. If natural birth is “not possible,” c-sections are the delivery method of choice… but not with any less yanking, twisting, or torquing.

Take a look at the video below. Just warning some of you rookies… if you’ve never seen a c-section up close, this may make you a little squeamish, especially when you see how forceful the OB yanks on the baby’s head. Click Here

In some cases, the upper cervical subluxation does not happen at birth, but later on in childhood by way of slips and falls, when learning how to walk and beyond. Children fall, literally, thousands of times before the age of five. There is a high probability that one of those times they will fall and bang their head pretty hard, jarring that upper cervical spine, and voíla! An Atlas or Axis subluxation occurs. The following video shows you why kids need their spines checked. Click Here

As kids grow up into teenagers and young adults, sometimes slips, accidents, and stupidity occur. More reason why we must get our spines checked on a regular basis. Most people go to the dentist to get their teeth checked on a regular basis, and those aren’t nearly as important as the spine. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

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